Monday, December 10, 2007

LIFE CYCLE by Norhaslinda Nordin


Perhaps since her student days at UiTM Shah Alam (2001-2004), but certainly after winning Upstart 04:Nokia Creative Arts Award through her artwork "Journey", artist Norhaslinda Nordin has been synonymous with the painting of motifs derived from vehicular imagery.

Images of bicycle, wheelbarrow, trishaw, scooter, car, aeroplane and fighter jet are drawn and embroidered in a neo-realistic manner, photos are collaged and cut-outs are appended in graphic compositions tinged with pop art nuances.

Filling up the backgrounds detailed with various supporting signifiers of buildings, flowers, eagles etc., vehicles, as professed by Linda, embody aesthetic significance and metaphorical connotations apt at narrating the cycles of civilisation as well as human temperaments.

Linda's 'Life Cycle" aptly expresses the up-and-down phenomena of the values and significance of industrial objects; her paintings as well depict the rise and fall of human history as a consequence of technological progress and transformations of social, political and cultural orders that follow.

Man-made industries are ephemeral, and so are human lives. The Impermenance of Life is the only reality.

Summary from

Curated by Nur Hanim Khairuddin
Translated by Rahmat Haron

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Selamat Berpuasa!

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa, sucikan diri, bersihkan hati, jaga peribadi.
From kebun mimpi gallery's crew. HUSNI, AZLI & MD NOOR

Friday, August 3, 2007

SILHOUETTE by Taquddin Bahro

Hari Langsung (kenduri) - The Day (the wedding feast)
Air 7 Mesjid - Blessed Water of 7 Mosques
Silhouette Project - Document 1 & 2
Tepak Sirih Jawa - Java Sirih Set
Malam Berinai - Henna Night
Pelamin Nazli - Nazli's Dais
Kasut Hantaran - A Gift (shoes)


In normal term, "Silhouette" is a view of an object or scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior. Eponym named after Etienne de Silhouette, the finance minister of Louis XV who was noted with his stinginess in 1759 imposed such harsh economic demands uppon the French people, that his name became synonymous with anything done or made cheaply. These include portraits were designated a la Silhouette. In art a silhouette is a form of artwork. It is most commonly a human portrait in profile, in black. Most silhouettes are formed by tracing the shadows of the subject and cutting along the resultant outline. In graphic design, to silhouette is to separate (mask) a portion of an image so that it does not show. For instance, a background. (source:

In Quddin's interpretation, silhouette painting is a view of an object consisting of the outline in an ambiguous space in a manner that reflects the essence of his art sensitivity and respect for material, craft, and the in-between as in our life of the spiritual and physical sustenance from man to his wife.

These silhouettes are then composed onto the surface of a nicely decorated akseline fabric, resulting in panoramic surreal minimalist composition. Just as the simplicity of the "akad" or the solemnization ritual, belies the tremendous responsibilitiesfor the groom to care for his bride, and this is reinforced in a marriage sermon delivered by the "kadhi", as what is expressed in Quddin's new piece.

Monday, June 25, 2007

print! print! @ kebun mimpi gallery 29th june - 29th july

Welcome to kebun mimpi second show, titled PRINT! PRINT!

Curated by Malaysian renowned print artist En Juhari Said
Works by 11 young artist, Azizul Hakim Zakaria, Fazrul Hafis Mustafa, Laila Khairuni Mohd Din, Lily Dzarleena Samsuri, Mazni Omar, Nur Hasliza Abdullah, Rosmanisa Mat Desa, Samsiah Ali, Shamsudin Abdul Wahab, Siti Safura Zahari, Zul Husni Md. Ridzuan.

The show will be featuring a print works, a lesser known and often misunderstood form of art. Various printing technique such as etching, wood block, silk screen are being used to deliver the art works. The artists are tackling various social and identity issues as their subject. Some are straight forward, some are metaphoric, some are sarcastic but all are enganging and intriguing. Do not miss this fantastic debut show of these young artists!!

gallery entrance

featuring gallery photographer tak rasmi...azli ayob

gallery in the making

my heartfelt thank you goes to each and everyone of my friend who help me in term of financial,moral,physical and emotional support to make sure this gallery finally materialised. could have NEVER done it without you guys.
THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. God bless you alls (ada s, sebab ramai)


Hi all, this is a new start for the gallery. Exciting and nervous at the same time. The blog will be a venue for all to express their view and comments. Good and bad are all welcome, as long as they're constructive and for the improvement of the gallery and its show and to the art scene as a whole. Hope this will be a good start and let's keep the blog casual ya. have fun all!! Let's start dreaming..Mwah!

*pics are from before reno. the first time i saw this beautiful and humble yet potential small house.