Sunday, November 16, 2008

limadansatu 23.11.08 - 21.12.08

This is Kebun Mimpi latest offering. A sculpture show by 5 young talented artists.
Abdul Latiff Ahmad Padzali, Anissa Aziz, Faiz Sukor, Radzi Ismail & Rozana Musa

LIMADANSATU asked the artists to come up with works based on their observation on nature and its dialogue with human being. Interestingly every one of them have totally different view on how we have become from our contact with nature. Some dwelling on a futuristic animal that might have been altered by the pollution, or rather genetically modified. Some were concern on how the food from natural source has been contaminated and its effect on general health. Some trying to protect the remaining fractures of coral (symbolising nature) in a glass case for future reference. Amazing to see how the negativity of the issues manage to inspire such a beautiful works. A reminder perhaps...that in evil we can find angel, in darkness we can seek light, in ugliness we can find beauty.

lima artis satu tujuan
lima cerita satu karangan
lima mimpi satu kebun buat kita bercucuk tanam

-mohd nurul husni

Food series
by Rozana Musa
2008, Ceramic & glass, Variable dimension

by Radzi Ismail
2008, Ceramic, sand & glass, Variable dimension

today's menu
by Abdul Latiff Ahmad Padzali
2008, Mixed Media, 122 x 46 cm

Monday, October 13, 2008


To everyone you're welcome to our last OPENHOUSE show in our Bangsar gallery. This is our yearly art under RM1000. 2008 will be the last year we operating out of a permanent gallery. Tsk Tsk...huhuhuhu. Next year we will update what's the direction of the brand KEBUN MIMPI. For now, just enjoy the show ya!! :-)

Featuring 25 artists, OPENHOUSE'08 open on 19th Oct, Sunday, 12pm to 6pm. Exhibition run till 9th Nov, 2008.


Ikhlas from Husni & Azli

artwork by:
Zulkiflee Zainul Abidin
..and good luck #9, blood arowana
61 x 91cm
acrylic on canvas

Friday, July 18, 2008


HI everyone, sorry for being quiet. We've been rather busy and overwhelmed by jobs, projects and shows. We manage to stage 4 shows since early of the year. They are NAIVELY BALI, KOPI KRETEK KRATON, FRICTION & ART AT PARKSON PAVILION.

The latest show are somewhat our new direction in running an art gallery. We're doing exclusive joint venture with PARKSON PAVILION where fine art is now part of their offering. They're about 150 pcs of artworks by local and indonesian artists. Displayed on all levels of parkson at random.

By next year we only planned to do up to 4 selected shows at various interesting alternative space. We would like to thank you all of the artists, collectors, curators, writers and journalists for all of their support all this while and we hope to maintain this relationship with everyone for a long, long time.

sincerely yours,