Monday, June 25, 2007

print! print! @ kebun mimpi gallery 29th june - 29th july

Welcome to kebun mimpi second show, titled PRINT! PRINT!

Curated by Malaysian renowned print artist En Juhari Said
Works by 11 young artist, Azizul Hakim Zakaria, Fazrul Hafis Mustafa, Laila Khairuni Mohd Din, Lily Dzarleena Samsuri, Mazni Omar, Nur Hasliza Abdullah, Rosmanisa Mat Desa, Samsiah Ali, Shamsudin Abdul Wahab, Siti Safura Zahari, Zul Husni Md. Ridzuan.

The show will be featuring a print works, a lesser known and often misunderstood form of art. Various printing technique such as etching, wood block, silk screen are being used to deliver the art works. The artists are tackling various social and identity issues as their subject. Some are straight forward, some are metaphoric, some are sarcastic but all are enganging and intriguing. Do not miss this fantastic debut show of these young artists!!

gallery entrance

featuring gallery photographer tak rasmi...azli ayob

gallery in the making

my heartfelt thank you goes to each and everyone of my friend who help me in term of financial,moral,physical and emotional support to make sure this gallery finally materialised. could have NEVER done it without you guys.
THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. God bless you alls (ada s, sebab ramai)


Hi all, this is a new start for the gallery. Exciting and nervous at the same time. The blog will be a venue for all to express their view and comments. Good and bad are all welcome, as long as they're constructive and for the improvement of the gallery and its show and to the art scene as a whole. Hope this will be a good start and let's keep the blog casual ya. have fun all!! Let's start dreaming..Mwah!

*pics are from before reno. the first time i saw this beautiful and humble yet potential small house.